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‘Straight talk’

Young people from the ‘Loud and Proud’ support group teamed up with the Octagon Theatre and a professional playwright to create a unique piece of theatre based on their own experiences of prejudice.

1st October 2009 - 28th February 2010

A regular group of approx 15 young people aged 15 – 20 began to meet with activ8’s head of youth theatre and community in October 2009. They used creative techniques and discussion to create an idea for a show. activ8 then identified a local play-write called Billy Cowan. Billy worked with the young people using drama and discussion to slowly turn their ideas into characters, a storyline and finally a completed script called ‘Straight talk’. Once the script was complete, Head of activ8, Caz Brader stepped in as director. The play imagines a world in which straight people are the minority and have to deal with ‘coming out’ to their gay friends.

The play will be performed to an invited audience of teachers, youth workers and young people on 8th February in the Octagon Theatres studio.