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NQT Conference: Culture and Creativity in the Curriculum

Introducing newly qualified teachers to creative and cultural activities that link closely with the curriculum.

1st October 2010

This CPD event for primary NQTs from Bolton aimed to support teachers in embedding cultural and creative activities in the curriculum to enrich teaching.

During the workshop, the Teaching and Learning consultant for Culture and Creativity shared with the delegates the main aims of the UCORLA projects and discussed four of the projects in detail: Animals and New Life, The Great Fire of London, The Egyptians and Cultural Change in Britain. In addition, with the support of representatives from Bolton Library, The School Library Service, Bolton Museum, The Phoenix and Artists in School, several cultural and creative activities that linked to the projects were discussed and exemplified.

The CPD event was described as inspiring and enjoyable. The delegates were engaged throughout the workshop as it provided them with a wealth of ideas that were both practical and transferrable.

One delegate stated that she had been inspired by some of the ideas shared in the workshop. Another delegate expressed that she found it useful to get to know what cultural and creative activities were available in Bolton adding that the practical examples were really helpful and the workshop made cross curricular and creative learning seem very accessible for all topics. A third delegate added that the workshop had fired her up about the creative aspects of learning.

This was a very successful workshop which was both informative and interesting for the NQTs.