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Prospect School - Rocksteady Music Academy

Find Your Talent –PUSH engages young musicians in creating a vision for the future

1st September 2009 - 31st July 2010

For the last year, pupils at Prospect School, Havant  have been creating, discovering and performing Rock Music with inspirational tutors from the Rocksteady Music Academy. With regular professional music tuition and the establishment of after-school music clubs, pupils have progressed remarkably.

Prospect School is a secondary school that offers a positive learning environment for pupils with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties Throughout the course of the Find Your Talent project, participants have shown incredible enthusiasm, diligence and perseverance to practice and teach each other new skills.

Due to demand, the music club grew from one to two evenings a week. Initially focusing around the drums and electric guitars, it evolved  to accommodate singers, keyboard players and now also fledgling songwriters.

The aim of the project was to make a difference to the lives of seldom heard children and to enable them to engage with culture.  At Prospect School the effects of this opportunity were very visible and have made a pronounced difference to the lives of the students. Ultimately the project has succeeded in creating a vision for the future for some of the pupils; this may have been the singular most important aspect of the whole project.

"Since starting at Prospect School in September I have seen a positive difference in the students musically. We have experimented with putting a band together and more recently guitar lessons which have worked very well. Some participants have progressed at an astonishing rate and have gone from not being guitar players at all to being able to play several challenging rock songs including Sweet Child O Mine in a matter of months. Other students from the school have also benefited and have been both concentrating and working hard in the lessons to play songs such as Smoke On The Water, Iron Man and Seven Nation Army." - Mark Robinson (Rocksteady Music Group)