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What Happened? Where Next?

The Leicester Shire Find Your Talent pathfinder has published their final evaluation.

26th November 2010

It’s a fascinating read, so please do take a look. Some of the key messages from the report are:

  • Leicester Shire's success in starting to build a collaborative 'cultural offer' with children and young people, one in which they are involved at every stage: design, delivery and evaluation;
  • Development of the Four Cs (Consumer, Critic, Creator and Commissioner) as a description of young people's current engagement and as a means of framing further offers;
  • Diversity of cultural form, location, scale and scope of activity involved in the pathfinder;
  • The need for cultural providers to continue to work together to extend the participation and influence of children and young people – which is even more important in times of reduced resource and fragmentation of provision.

Read the entire report here.