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Yatton Creation Inspiration Day

Over 600 children, young people, their families and friends attended the inaugural Yatton Village 'Creation Inspiration Day' on Saturday 6 March

9th April 2010

Literacy was really brought alive through the workshops leaders and activities provided throughout the day.

The children and young people had the opportunity to attend a wide variety of creative workshops from Find Your Talent cultural partners based in the Nailsea & Backwell cultural hub;

  • Art with Sally Corney
  • Storytelling with Jane Flood and Martin Maudsley
  • Drama with Kath Rogers from Splice Productions
  • Dance with internationally renowned dance company Kompany Malakhi
  • Street theatre with the Desperate Men
  • Creative writing based on Literacy for World Book Day
  • Puppetry with Amy Lloyd Jones
  • and much more!

Many parents stated that the events of the day gave them new ideas to work with their children and made them see literacy in a different way.

The positive comments from parents included:

‘A really exciting day. Please can we have more of these things. Excellent opportunity for children to learn and have fun!’

‘We shall enjoy looking at the tapestry in Yatton library.’

‘Days like this keep kids active + interested in learning without realising they are – Brilliant day.’

Children enjoyed new activities and were excited to be working alongside local actors who have starred in popular television programmes such as the Tracey Beaker series. Children were enjoying learning with their parents in a fun and inspiring environment.

Comments from children included:

‘I learnt you do not have to be scared off anything.’

‘I met two authors, I had lots of fun!’

‘Do it again please!’

Staff and workshop provider feedback has been very positive describing the day as awesome:

‘Everyone I know is raving about it to everyone. I thought it was fab especially the pirates and the dragon lady.’ – Youth Worker

‘Congratulations on a brilliant day’ – workshop provider

‘I was particularly pleased to see some secondary students and their parents whom we are positively targeting for engagement in terms of narrowing the gap’ – Head teacher Backwell Secondary School

‘Highly successful in bringing together a large number and a wide range of families from different parts of the community…….increasing parental involvement has been a key focus for us as a school this year and this event has helped us with our aim to make parents more welcomed and better informed about their children’s learning……I feel confident that the day will have inspired parents to engage with children and try out activities especially related to stories’ Head teacher Yatton Junior School.

One of the central workshops of the day was the Textile Art workshop which was to produce a piece of collaborative art work for the local library. This is an important link to community cohesion as it did not only get people working together on the day but will have a lasting place in a central place in the library.

This will enable members of the community to come together in a local place to see the work they contributed to, giving a sense of belonging.