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Encouraging young people to take control

Find Your Talent North Somerset’s principal aim is to create an environment in which children and young people have opportunities to be creative; generate ideas; and design, deliver and experience a diverse range of creative and cultural learning opportunities.

6th April 2010 - 8th April 2010

Through these cultural experiences we encourage their independent thinking and support them to become the next generation of cultural leaders.

These projects are a way for children and young people to affect real change and enable them to communicate the issues which are important to them as well as offering the opportunity to become the key decision makers.

In order to encourage children and young people to develop these skills Find Your Talent North Somerset supports them in setting up their own cultural and creative projects, which leads to them taking ownership over the Find Your Talent programme.

These include:

Portishead Primary Cultural Council

Find Your Talent North Somerset is working with Portishead Primary School to pilot a whole school model as a means to develop cultural activities for children and young people.

This exciting pilot has created a school Cultural Council, the council’s role is to promote cultural and creative activities within the school.

The Cultural Council approach enables young people to have a greater freedom and responsibility, and offers them a genuine opportunity to take ownership over their school and learning.

The Cultural Council which is made up of Cultural Ambassadors, two students from each year group, and will eventually develop and shape the use of culture and the arts across the school by both pupils and staff.

The model could be used in both a primary and secondary setting.

The pilot model will work in 4 stages:

1.         Group formation – Find Your Talent briefs the group on their role and the role of the Council. The group assigns member roles and establishes guidelines for working.

2.         Inspiration – This stage offers the group the opportunity to see the range of cultural and arts form which are available to them. This could include trips to galleries, cultural organisations, theatre, artist’s workshops etc.

3.         WOW project - Using the inspiration from stage 2 the group creates their wow, showcase, inspirational event (not much then!). This activity/event will be entirely run and managed by the group. They will put together an expression of interest to take to the Cultural Hub; they will then work with a practitioner to create that project.

4.         Cultural Ambassadors - Having completed their WOW project the 12 children will know be in a position in support and inspire other students in their year group, as well as demonstrate to staff how cultural and arts activities can be used within a school setting.