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Community graffiti art project combats antisocial behaviour

Young people in North Somerset have brightened up their neighbourhood by painting a mural along a 250ft wall depicting life on the estates in which they live.

7th December 2009

Young people and parents paint the wallThe project is funded by Find Your Talent North Somerset, the South Ward Community Mural initiative and North Somerset Positive Activities for Young People Programme.

Organised by local PCSO’s, the project aims were to:

  • encourage local children and youth people to participate in the planning, design and completion of the art work
  • to create a sense of ownership within the environment in which the children and young people live
  • to reduce antisocial behaviour and criminal damage in the area.

Local community groups, including the William Knowles Centre, Youth Offending Team, Barcode Youth Café and the Specialist Play Scheme, painted the 250 ft wall that runs along St John’s Football Club in a bid to rejuvenate the area and to provide local young people with the opportunity to learn new skills and improve the environment in which they live.

The wall was split into 13 sections with each of the ten participating community groups taking ownership of a 4 panel section each.

Stuart Wood, Find Your Talent North Somerset Cultural Programmer said, “We are delighted to have funded such a rewarding and beneficial project, and to have supported organisations who are committed to working with young people, some of whom are often excluded from school and rarely have the opportunity to engage and to receive the benefits of a hands on involvement with cultural activities.”

A girl helps to paint the muralPCSO Claire Sketchley said “The mural project has inspired 13 community groups to take part, each designing and painting their own panel of the wall. It is a great way to encourage children and young people to take ownership of their neighbourhood, and ultimately we hope to prevent illegal graffiti and criminal damage in the area.”

Two local professional artists have worked with the children and young people to develop their ideas and to create the designs which incorporate positive aspects of living and working within the Bournville, Oldmixon, Coronation and Potteries estates, including schooling, sports activities and local businesses.

Partner Organisations

Avon & Somerset Police
Barcode Youth Café            
Behaviour Improvement Prog.   Boxing Club                          

Community Wardens                   
Detached Youth Team  
Jubilee Jumps
North Somerset Play Rangers        
Oldmixon Parents Group     
Specialist Play Scheme

South Weston Extended Schools Youth Club Reparation           

Youth Offending Team        
William Knowles Centre