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New DCMS statistics on young people’s engagement in culture

A new survey reveals that 45% of 5-15 year olds are participating in five hours of cultural activity a week.

29th October 2009

The findings from Taking Part: The National Survey of Culture, Leisure and Sport find that 26% of 5-10 year olds take part in more than five hours a week of cultural activities, including the arts, out of school.

However, 66% of 11-15 year olds were found to be participating in more than five hours in and out of school.

Commenting on the latest figures Paul Collard, Chief Executive of Creativity, Culture & Education (CCE), the organisation that delivers the government's pilot cultural offer Find Your Talent, says: "The Government pledge to deliver a five hour entitlement to cultural activity recognises the impact cultural experiences can have on young people contributing in powerful ways to personal development and raising aspiration however we know that not all children and young people are getting the same access to them."

He continues, "Access to cultural opportunity is too important to be an accident of geography or the privilege of a minority and Find Your Talent, in its first year, is already exploring various ways to overcome the challenges of in enabling all children to access culture."

Find Your Talent (, the government's pilot cultural offer for all young people is already having an impact just one year since its launch. The programme is working towards ensuring that every child and young person, whatever their age and whatever their ability is able to access at least five hours of high quality cultural activity per week.

Download a copy of Taking Part: The National Survey of Culture, Leisure and Sport here.