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The Three Little Pigs The Three Little Pigs

1st October 2010 - 31st December 2010

Embedding Culture and Creativity in the Curriculum

Spread the Word Spread the Word

1st March 2010 - 31st December 2010

A great literature project in conjunction with the Whitechapel Idea Store and Spread the Word.

Schools Cultural Vision Programme Schools Cultural Vision Programme

1st November 2009 - 31st July 2010

Managed by A New Direction (the key strategic organisation for connecting young Londoners with the city’s creative and cultural energy, also the delivery organisation for…

Suitcase Full of Stories Suitcase Full of Stories

1st September 2009 - 31st August 2010

This project aimed to engage early years children from North Liverpool with the museums and galleries that were on their doorstep. It was a collaboration…

To Do Market – Unity Theatre To Do Market – Unity Theatre

18th October 2010 - 31st October 2010

The Unity Theatre is one of Liverpool’s liveliest theatre arts venue. It hosts a diverse array of events, workshops and performances involving local, national and…

NQT Conference: Culture and Creativity in the Curriculum NQT Conference: Culture and Creativity in the Curriculum

1st October 2010

Introducing newly qualified teachers to creative and cultural activities that link closely with the curriculum.

The Creator Fund The Creator Fund

1st January 2010 - 31st August 2010

The Creator Fund was an innovative response to consultation with young people about the blockages or obstacles that exist to wider participation in arts and…

Culture and Creativity Culture and Creativity

1st January 2010 - 31st July 2010

Increasing knowledge of culture and creativity

The Seaside 2 The Seaside 2

1st April 2010