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Download Find Your Talent logos

The Find Your Talent logo is available for you to download in various formats below. Please take the time to read the Branding Guidelines attached below before using the logo.

The '.eps file' version of the logo is an Encapsulated PostScript graphics format that can be opened with design software such as Adobe Illustrator and OpenOffice Draw and should be downloaded for use on printed materials. The image that you can see is the more common '.jpg file' and can be downloaded by right-clicking on the image, then selecting 'Save Image As...'

Brand Guidelines

We have developed guidelines that describe how partners and Find Your Talent pathfinder organisations can use the Find Your Talent brand and logos. Please read the guidelines before downloading the branding files listed below.

FYT_Brand guidelines.pdf

Find Your Talent logo

The logo is at the heart of our visual identity, and is a valuable asset. We should take care to protect it and use it correctly in all forms of communication.

This is the logo we use on all corporate communications. It is a flat graphic that emphasises the word ‘talent’. Some of the word counters have been removed to make the graphic look like a stencil, to give it a more youthful, edgy feel.

Find Your Talent logo        FYT_CORP_1CS.eps


Our official colour is blue, but there are eight secondary colours. These are shown below along with their Pantone references and CMYK breakdowns. You can also choose another colour from the spectrum shown – from green on the left to yellow on the right – to complement your own logo if you wish.

Blue Find Your Talent logo        FYT_BLUE_1CS.eps

Find Your Talent green logo        FYT_GREEN_1CS.eps

Find Your Talent Lime logo        FYT_LIME_1CS.eps

Find Your Talent orange logo        FYT_ORANGE_1CS.eps

Find Your Talent pink logo        FYT_PINK_1CS.eps

Find Your Talent purple logo        FYT_PURPLE_1CS.eps

Find Your Talent red logo        FYT_RED_1CS.eps

Find Your Talent yellow logo        FYT_YELLOW_1CS.eps

Mono version

A mono version of the logo has been created for use in newsprint and for white out of coloured backgrounds.

Find Your Talent mono logo        FYT_CORP_MONO.eps